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Welcome to The Corporate Kid

The Corporate Kid is 100% committed to taking away the stress of finding a nanny and making the process as seamless as possible.

We are a nannying consultancy that finds caring, nurturing and committed professionals who love working with children. Our aim is to enable organisations around Australia to provide nannies as part of their Employee programs. As a result, parents are able to return to work easily and stress-free knowing that their children are with the perfect person in their absence.


The Corporate Kid approach is easy, safe and fast. We work with families that are looking for permanent long term care by contracting nannies out and managing the ongoing compliance requirements, to ensure there is no ongoing administration for families to worry about. Our goal is to reduce the roadblocks for women and men to pursue careers and return to work after having children, and we strive to make this transition as stress free for everyone involved.


Our mission is to ‘Bring Family Balance Back’ and make sure children are safe, happy, and being nurtured and loved at all times. Our clients are based throughout Australia and generally require a nanny between three to five days a week or for more than 20 hours. To find out how we can assist your family contact us today.

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